Learning to live a better life is one of the core missions of CPA Learner. It is possible for instructors to share education content with students around the world and for students to access that content for learning (students). The best way to provide our users with valuable educational content is often through market models. We, you, and our community care about keeping our services, platform, students, and instructors safe. Here is what you should know. You must comply with these rules in relation to all your activities on the CPA Learner website, APIs, and other services related to the CPA Learner website (“Services”).

To publish content on cpalearner, you must agree to the Instructor Terms as well.

To use most of the platform’s features, including to purchase and access content and to submit content, you must create an account. Creating and maintaining an account requires accurate and complete information, including a valid email address. It would be detrimental for us or anyone else to have someone use your account without your permission. All activity on your account and any harm resulting therefrom is your responsibility. Protect your passwords at all costs. No one else can use or transfer your account. If you contact us requesting access to an account, you will not be allowed access unless you provide us with documentation that proves you are the account owner. Dead users’ accounts are closed.

Access to Lifetime Content with Content Enrollment.

Instructors grant us permission to offer the license to students in exchange for granting CPA Learner a license to access their content. By doing so, we are able to offer our students access to content. CPA Learner’s content supplier is CPA Learning, so all students enrolled in classes or other content through the system are licensed to access the course material. Content is not owned by you, but rather licensed to you. Using the account information to resell the content (for example, to share it with pirate sites) is prohibited.

Obtaining a legal, more comprehensive license means that you (as a student) will be able to view or download that content exclusively for personal, non-commercial educational use, and subject to any restrictions or conditions associated with that feature. This material may not be used for any other purpose. You may not reproduce, redistribute, transmit, assign, sell, broadcast, rent, share, lent, modify, adapt, edit or otherwise transfer and use the Content without our explicit permission in a written agreement signed by an authorized representative of CPA Learner. Our APIs also enable you to access all of our content.

Payments, Credits, and Refunds

In addition to our Instructor Terms, CPA Learner’s pricing model is governed by our Promotions policy.  Due to pricing structures and policies of mobile platform providers, CPA Learner content prices may not match those of my mobile or TV apps.

For a limited time, we offer discounts on some of our content as part of our sales and promotions. Once you have completed checking out (at checkout), you will see the price that is associated with the content. Additionally, some of our promotions are only available to newly registered users, so prices for certain content may differ if you are logged into your account versus users who are not logged in.


When you purchase the content, you agree to pay for it and allow us to charge your debit or credit card or any other method of payment selected by you (such as Bkash, Nagad, Debit / Credit Card). We work with payment service providers to ensure the security of your payment details and to offer you the most convenient payment methods in your country.

When making a purchase, you agree not to use a payment method that is invalid or unauthorized. When you are notified that your payment method failed, you agree to pay us the fees corresponding to the content you enrolled in. Your content may be disabled if your payment is insufficient.


Our platform might be unavailable occasionally if scheduled maintenance is taking place or if a problem with our system arises. In some cases, an instructor could present misinformation. It is also possible for security issues to occur. There are other instances where things do not work out as expected. If that happens, you agree not to sue us.

Updating These Terms

If practices change or if new features are added (such as when introducing new features), CPA Learner reserves the right to update and/or modify these Terms at any time. We will notify you of material changes to our Website or by sending an email to the email address you specify. Changes take effect immediately unless otherwise stated.

How to Contact Us

You can reach us by contacting our support team. Our services are available to you online, so please contact us with questions, concerns, or suggestions. Contact email [email protected]