Unlocking Opportunities: CPA Learner Joins Digital Learning Fair 2024 with SSLCOMMERZ

Unlocking Opportunities: CPA Learner Joins Digital Learning Fair 2024 with SSLCOMMERZ

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We are excited to announce that CPA Learner is stepping into the spotlight as a participant in the Digital Learning Fair 2024, a collaborative effort with SSLCOMMERZ. Set against the backdrop of International Mother Language Day, this campaign is designed to bring a wealth of educational opportunities to learners, coupled with enticing discounts. Join us on this journey as we explore the details of this groundbreaking collaboration and how it stands to benefit both current and prospective CPA Learners.

The Collaborative Initiative:

In celebration of International Mother Language Day, SSLCOMMERZ is spearheading the Digital Learning 2024 campaign, a platform that unites educational entities, learners, and payment channels in a synergistic endeavor. We are proud to be part of this initiative, standing shoulder to shoulder with nearly 20 esteemed payment channels, including Dhaka Bank, NRB Bank, Citizens Bank and Lanka Bangla Finance.

Campaign Details:

Campaign Modality: Customers are in for a treat with the Digital Learning Fair 2024. Participants, including CPA Learner, will extend up to 80% discounts on all products and courses through their online channels. This presents an unparalleled opportunity for learners to access high-quality education at a fraction of the regular cost.

Campaign Period: The Digital Learning Fair 2024 is slated to run from February 10, 2024, to February 29, 2024. Throughout this period, learners can explore a plethora of courses and products while enjoying significant discounts.

Digital Learning Fair 2024

The Power of Collaboration:

This collaboration goes beyond the mere offering of discounts. With SSLCOMMERZ at the helm, nearly 20 payment channels will strategically promote the campaign on their banners nationwide. This expansive reach ensures that the benefits of the Digital Learning Fair 2024 are not confined to a specific region but are accessible to learners across the country.

Digital Learning Fair 2024

Why CPA Learner Stands Out:

As a participant in this landmark campaign, CPA Learner reaffirms its commitment to providing top-notch education in the field of CPA. The discounted courses cover a spectrum of topics, enabling learners to enhance their skills and knowledge in a cost-effective manner.

Digital Learning Fair 2024

How to Participate:

To seize this opportunity, all interested learners need to do is visit CPA Learner’s online channel during the campaign period. Navigate through the diverse range of courses and products, select your desired items, and enjoy discounts of up to 80%. It’s a chance to invest in your education at an unprecedented value.


The Digital Learning campaign 2024, in collaboration with SSLCOMMERZ and CPA Learner, is set to redefine the landscape of online education. This campaign not only provides access to quality courses but also symbolizes a collective effort towards making education more accessible. As we embrace this journey, we invite learners to join us in unlocking opportunities for growth and learning. Mark your calendars from February 10 to February 29, 2024, and embark on a path of education that is both enriching and affordable. The Digital Learning Fair awaits – seize the chance to invest in your future today!

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